Killing Pace Book Review from @kleffnotes

Douglas Schofield’s Killing Pace is thrilling mystery that will continuously surprise you with shocking reveals. This is the first novel in a planned series that focuses on an epic female lead with exceptional investigative and survival skills. Killing Pace provides the perfect introduction to a character you will find yourself rooting for as she fights her way through a series of deadly events.

The novel opens with Lisa Green waking up after being involved in a terrible car accident with no actual memory of who she is. For two months she is living with a man who insists that she is his wife and that she has been suffering with memory issues for an extended period of time. After convincing this man to take her with him on a trip to town Lisa suddenly finds herself flooded with memories of a life that doesn’t fit with the identity she has been forced to hold. After introducing us to Lisa, Killing Pace shifts to the character of Sarah Lockhart, a Homeland Security agent who has been stationed in Italy to combat a rise in counterfeit materials. While these two women are experiencing very different situations the way that they connect will provide you with a wonderfully well done “Aha” moment that hooked me until the very last page.

Douglas Schofield creates a well done variation on a lead female character who has such impressive skills that she rivals characters like Jason Bourne. The way Schofield relates the three female personas we meet throughout the course of the novel is captivating and as the relationship between them is explained you will be delighted by the effortlessness with which he weaves his story. Not only does he craft an interesting lead female character, but he also provides a history of strong female characters who have inspired his lead as well as supporting female characters, who have their own agency and strengths. Schofield also creates a plot that will keep you guessing at who could behind the evil actions his lead character keeps uncovering over the course of her investigation. If you enjoy mysteries and books full of surprises you need to read Killing Pace.

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