Always Gray in Winter Book Review from @kleffnotes

Always Gray in Winter drops you into a world of werecats full of deception and intrigue. Mark Engels book examines two different werecat factions divided along family lines who are continuously caught in a secretive fight across continents. Not only do these werecats have exceptional fighting skills, but many of them are also involved in difficult scientific research that will change all of their lives.

Pawlina is not only a werecat, but when she changes forms she doesn’t react in the same way as other weres. Instead her shifting is frequently connected to heightened emotions and is referred to in some cases as raging. It is revealed that her altered changing state exists throughout her family line and has been connected to extensive research being done on shifting. While she has been away from her family and living secretly for years, she has recently been reunited with them and while they begin in the United States this fight extends into Poland and Korea. Each family is working to find a way to understand their shifting powers through scientific means and their issues culminate in a battle of epic proportions at the end of the novel.

Mark Engels creates a plethora of interesting characters and builds upon their relationships to extend his story. The inclusion of Polish culture within Pawlina’s family unit is interesting to see and provides a nice connection for readers who might not be able to shift into cats when the mood strikes them. I enjoyed Pawlina’s character and the mysterious power behind her extreme changing was something I hadn’t read before in a work about werepeople. Readers who enjoy supernatural reads should check out Always Gray in Winter today.

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