Fidget! Book Review from @kleffnotes

Heather Fishel’s Fidget! 101 Ways to Boost Your Creativity and Decrease Your Stress is the perfect read for anyone who just can’t sit still. If you’ve ever been working on something and felt the strong desire to click your pen continuously or tap your toe this is the perfect read for you. You can find new ways to fidget that will keep you engaged in your tasks and help you grow creatively.

Fidget! is broken down into five sections that relate back to the five senses: movement, sight, taste, sound, touch. The introduction for each section discusses research that relates back to fidgeting within these categories and helps you determine if these tips will work for you. Fishel also provides additional references throughout the book to show just how much research has been done into fidgeting and productivity. Some of her tips are standard and include things like doodling or drumming your fingers on a table, but there are so many more. She provides you with things that will help move you outside of your go to fidgeting behavior and add new ways to keep productive. These include visualizing your future, staring at a flame, playing with a golf ball, and even eating a jalapeno to get you back on track.

This was a fun book that you can definitely read in a lunch break and it could even help you get back into your work with a more productive edge. Fishel’s tips have fun explanations and there are cute little images that go along with them, including a little fishbowl in the corner of one page. I plan to utilize some of these tips, including using different fonts for your writing and mixing up ink colors with my notes. Fidget! will help you stay focused no matter how you fidget in your day to day life.

You can find Fidget! on sale now!

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