White Ash #1 and #2 Review and Kickstarter Announcement from @kleffnotes

In the small mining town of White Ash sparks are flying and secrets are being revealed right as Aleck, the son of miner, attempts to leave the town for good. White Ash #1 released previously and White Ash #2 is currently part of a Kickstarter campaign. For this review I delve primarily into issue #1, but I will tease some spoiler free elements of issue #2 for those of you who want to support an interesting comic like nothing I’ve ever read before.

White Ash #1 reveals a town that might appear like any other, until you realize that there is something mysterious lurking underneath the surface and it isn’t just coal. A young woman attempts to convince her beau that he should get a job at the White Ash mine, but when he leaves for the bathroom a dark and mysterious stranger begins asking about this job opportunity. What follows is the reveal of a grisly murder that this mysterious stranger is very clearly responsible for.

We then arrive in White Ash and are introduced to the previously mentioned Aleck, who is preparing to leave for college. Before he can leave he meets the daughter of the rich and very rude Mr. Alden, Lillian. While the two are alone in her bedroom, something happens at the mine and Aleck rushes to check on his father, who has been injured. Without knowing how his father is, Aleck decides to stay in White  Ash, but this isn’t the only change in his life. He and Lillian venture into the forest to investigate the mysterious stranger and they are suddenly in over their heads. The two of them are fighting for their lives and they only manage to escape when someone else arrives. Aleck’s entire life is then turned upside down when he reveals just who he truly is.

Issue #2 of White Ash continues to reveal more about Aleck’s background and his connection to Lillian and the murderous stranger. The basis of this comic blends not only supernatural elements, but also a fantastical backstory that brings an almost J.R.R. Tolkien element to the real world. If you are looking for a wonderfully inventive read you need to check out White Ash #1 and if you can contribute to their Kickstarter for Issue #2.

Find out more about the White Ash Kickstarter here.

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