White Ash #3 Review and Kickstarter Updates from @kleffnotes

White Ash is a comic series that focuses on the son of a miner named Aleck who falls for an elite mine owner daughter, Lillian. Their Romeo and Juliet-esque story takes on a supernatural twist when Aleck learns that he is something more than human. I have previously review the first two issues of this series and I have some additional Kickstarter updates to share.

Aleck’s father has been in the hospital since an attack from a deadly member of the brood, dragon connected monsters who are attacking White Ash. For centuries dwarves and elves have been working to keep these beings from killing humans and themselves, but Aleck has just learned how he is connected to this deadly and magical history. He and Lillian have begun to like each other, but her father refuses to allow them to spend time together. While she insists she could never fall for someone who is not an elf, it appears that her heart may have been swayed. Beyond continuing this story, Aleck will have to face a large change and determine what to do with his life after something happens that will keep him from learning everything about his lineage and the lives of the dwarves.


The White Ash series takes some very high fantasy elements and blends it with a more modern story involving a young man just trying to make a life for himself. Aleck’s initial plan in this series is to get as far away from White Ash as possible and begin a new life in college. When everything suddenly shifts and he learns he is not fully human, he has to determine if he wants to explore his newly discovered background or if he still wants to leave his home. I have really enjoyed White Ash and if you are interested in this series at all you definitely need to support their Kickstarter to release the first three comics in one combined book. You can find out more about the series and how you can help bring this story to life on their Kickstarter page, which will be open until August 8th.

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