@ClexaCon Countdown: Lost Girl and #Doccubus Excitement from @kleffnotes

The unaligned succubus is coming! ClexaCon is again holding a Lost Girl panel and the big news for me this year connected to this specific panel was that Anna Silk will be attending this year. I loved last year’s panel with Zoie Palmer, Rachel Skarsten, and Emily Andras and I am just over the moon that Anna Silk will be joining them. There is so much about Bo that I want to know and to be able to see all of these women together on stage, with Dana Piccoli as a moderator, is something I cannot wait to see.

I found Lost Girl on Syfy I know a bit after it had actually debuted in Canada. I attempted to watch the show every week, but wound up not being able to watch the entire series until I was in college. I had seen the first two seasons and a bit of season three, and decided that I would start from the beginning and rewatch all of it. When I was rewatching I was able to more fully connect with the characters and I fell back in love with them. As a bisexual woman seeing Bo actively date and be with both women and men I felt like she was a character I could relate with. I wished I could be as free as her and explore my sexuality. I have lived in a small town my entire life and there has never been a very visible LGBT+ community I could connect with. Bo showed me what life could be like if you had the full freedom to be who you are.

While I still live in a small town I was able to find my community because I went to ClexaCon last year. My girlfriend and I met there and while we did not start officially dating until later in the year, she has connected me with so many great people and I felt like I could finally be like Bo and live my true life. Moving back to Bo and her relationships in the show, her connection with Lauren was always the relationship I rooted for. The two of them had this strong connection and they were always trying to help each other and be supportive, even if that meant that they had to put their relationship on hold. At last year’s Lost Girl panel Zoie Palmer shared some fun moments from set that involved Anna Silk and I am very excited to see what the two of them, Rachel Skarsten, Emily Andras, and Emmanuelle Vaugier will talk about. I definitely plan to be at the panel and if you are a Lost Girl fan I hope you’ll be able to be there too.

To find out more about this panel and the other panels at ClexaCon make sure to check out their official site.

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