Questions for Deep Thinkers Book Review from @kleffnotes

Have you ever wondered if Picasso would enjoy Mr. Potato Head? What profession dinosaurs would excel at? Or have you just puzzled about why exactly Goldilocks and Baby Bear have the same taste in everything? If so Questions for Deep Thinkers is the perfect book for you!

Henry Kraemer and Brandon Marcus share over 200 questions with their readers that are designed to have you puzzling and pondering. Questions for Deep Thinkers is broken down into six sections, each devoted to a specific topic. These include philosophy, literature, the social sciences, history, fine arts, and natural and applied sciences. At the start of each section they provide an example question with two different responses. In the first section they present the question, do ghosts choose who they haunt. They then provide an argument for and an argument against ghosts choosing who they haunt.

Questions for Deep Thinkers has questions for anyone you might know and is perfect for parties, passing the time while hanging out with friends, connecting with co-workers, or even getting your kids to spend some time doing a bit of critical thinking. I had a wonderful time thinking of my own responses to these questions and was even so puzzled by some that I had to come back to them after a little bit of brainstorming. I plan on making this a part of all of my upcoming social plans and am even planning to share some of the questions with my coworkers.

You can find Questions for Deep Thinkers on sale now!

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