@ClexaCon Countdown: Sponsors Highlight from @kleffnotes

ClexaCon works with a number of people to ensure that their convention can be everything that it can be. For 2018 they have announced a number of sponsors who are playing an integral part in this year’s convention. Here are some details on the sponsors and who they are.

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is the official destination marketing organization for Southern Nevada and promotes tourism and events that include conventions in the area. As the host hotel the Tropicana is also sponsoring ClexaCon and I can’t wait to check out everything they have to offer in April.

IDW is an American publisher of comics, graphic novels, art books, and comic strips. They publish some great books including Wynonna Earp, Orphan Black, and so many more that I personally love. IDW was also the publisher who created the Love is Love anthology. Tagg Magazine was created to serve everyone under the rainbow. They combine a magazine, website, and podcast to share information that will benefit their diverse readers by focusing on LGBTQ content. They not only share articles and information, but host their own events. I have listened to the podcast and they have an interesting one that focuses on bisexuality that I enjoyed.

Desert Palm Press is a small press that specializes in lesbian fiction. They have a number of books in a variety of genres and in each story the main characters are lesbians. S. W. Andersen Books is another literary partner that focuses on lesbian fiction. Andersen has written four novels, two of which are best selling lesbian romances and her series work focuses on Sarah Sawyer, the lead of her western romances.

TomBoyX is a company that focuses on creating underwear for everyone. They create a variety of clothing items that are designed to fit any body type as well as feel comfortable no matter where you fall on the gender spectrum. I haven’t placed an order yet, but they have some amazing items that I definitely have on my wish list. Another clothing item sponsor is Fangirl Shirts. I own a few of their shirts and they have a massive collection of t-shirts and other items that are perfect for a number of fandoms.

Olivia Travel is focused on travel and entertainment for lesbians. They host cruises, adventures, entire resort take overs, and so much more. They also invite amazing guests to entertain across their programming. They are perfect for single and coupled up women looking for an amazing travel experience.

Tello Films is also sponsoring ClexaCon, but I will be focusing on them specifically next week.

To find out more about ClexaCon and their sponsors make sure to check out their official site.

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