Aldo Book Review from @kleffnotes

A mysterious entity that identifies as Aldo threatens violence if an institute focused on gene modification is not shut down in the thrilling novel by Betty Jean Craige. The story examines the implications of science on human evolution as well as how internal beliefs can lead to unexpected events. Aldo is a work that blends a variety of mediums into an interesting and informational read.

This novel includes a variety of writing styles in a way that allows the reader to become aware of a number of points of view. We are introduced to the events from the future with a letter from Isabel Canto to her son. She has decided that following the death of the man he knew as his father that she must explain the events that surrounded his conception and his genetic connection to someone he has never met. Letters to her adult son appear throughout the novel and one is used to tie up the ending of the story. Beyond these letters Craige also includes emails from faculty members and administrators of the college who are trying to determine how to react to Aldo’s threats concerning the Institute for Genome Modification run by Atlantic University tenured professor Dr. Linus Winter. Beyond the elements that Isabel would have seen we are given insight into Aldo’s work through portions of the story told from other points of view as well as through Facebook messages and emails. By doing this Craige allows the reader to understand more of her villain’s decisions and motivations as well as seeing how Isabel is reacting to everything going on around her.

I enjoyed Aldo and was very interested in the idea of gene modification and the opinions presented in connection to this research. I am a sucker for anything related to this topic or anything that has to do with human controlled evolution. The identity of Aldo was something that I did figure out relatively early on, but even though I knew who was doing the terrible deeds learning more about their motivations and their mental state was very surprising. Craige uses the blending of media elements to create a diverse story that gives insight into the world of academic research and how extreme responses can arise in connection to it.

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