Too Close to Breathe Book Review from @kleffnotes

After four months away from the force following a brutal attack at a crime scene, Detective Chief Superintendent Frankie Sheehan is back and investigating a death that she wishes could be written off as a suicide. When a perfectly put together woman is found hanging in her home unusual elements force the bureau to look deeper into her life. What they uncover over the course of their investigation will shock you throughout the pages of Too Close to Breathe.

This novel opens with a brief interlude describing a scene that you absolutely need to pay attention to before you move into the first chapter. When the body of Eleanor Costello is found the initial thought of suicide is overturned when the medical examiner and Detective Frankie Sheehan notice that things just don’t add up. Frankie is the lead on this case and as she pushes her team to find the killer another murder occurs. As their investigation begins to delve into the dark corners of Eleanor’s life Frankie finds herself drawn to push even further and force herself to look into things that she had thought she could leave behind her.

Just the description of Too Close to Breathe intrigued me and I could not wait to start this book. I am a huge fan of murder mysteries and beyond that I love when a female detective is the focal point of the story. This is much more rare within the mystery field than you might guess and Frankie Sheehan is given a strong story without a romantic subplot, which is again very rare within this genre. During the course of the book she is not only working on trying to solve the case at hand, but is also dealing with her own stress and injuries following the attack that kept her out of the office for four months. Her moments of stress and panic give her a flawed element that makes her more relatable. My biggest compliment to this book is that I could not guess the killer. As I was reading through Too Close to Breathe I found myself paying close attention to every clue, every word the suspects said, and tried to find any hint of who the murderer could be in tandem with Frankie and her team. If you are a mystery, thriller, or suspense lover you need to read Too Close to Breathe as soon as it comes out on April 3rd.

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