Business for Bohemians Book Review from @kleffnotes

Many people long to turn their passions into profits, but aren’t sure exactly how to go about making this a reality. In his book, Business for Bohemians: Live Well, Make Money, Tom Hodgkinson presents advice and tips that can help those who identify as more free spirited to enter the world of self-employment. By sharing his own experiences in creating a small business Hodgkinson easily explains what anyone interested in exploring entrepreneurial pursuits should know.

After spending an extended period of time working as a full-time writer Tom Hodgkinson decided to go into business with his partner and open a combined bookstore, coffee house, and events venue that would allow adults the opportunity to not only relax, but also learn. Over the course of the time focused on this venture Hodgkinson began to realize things that those who identify as more bohemian may struggle with as they attempt to create something more capitalist and structured. He breaks down how to create a solid business plan, manage your money, and tips that will help you to be successful. While he does discuss things that have worked well for not only him, but other small business owners, he also emphasizes dealing with failures when they occur. Hodgkinson shares what did not work and what had to be changed over the course of their efforts. Beyond changing offerings within the venue, focusing on price points, he discusses how to work with other people and how to handle being the boss and forcing order to exist when you are yourself a more relaxed person.

What I enjoyed about Business for Bohemians was Hodgkinson’s easy manner of explanation. He wrote in a way that was very personable and it felt as though he were connecting directly with me from the page. By sharing his own failures and tips for how to grow from those moments it helped to make his journey relatable. What he does well is blend more specific money management tips like how to handle a spreadsheet, manage your money, and be aware of how to keep yourself afloat, he also provides some tips that can be used in daily life regardless of what sort of work you do. He shares how to work with different people and his tips on negotiating were exceptionally helpful to me. If you are looking to go into business or are just trying to navigate the job market Business for Bohemians is an exceptionally useful read.

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