2394 Mirrors of the Past Book Review from @kleffnotes

Two women, Resha and Swallow, find a connection in the past of their very changed world in 2394 Mirrors of the Past. Resha is one of very few people alive who can remember the Before Time, a period that existed before the great changes that altered the world forever. Swallow is a young woman who wishes to know more and connect with this decades old, but forever young, woman by discovering what happened before she was born.

2394 crafts an exceptionally detailed world that provides a rich history of what has happened to a future Earth. While the term Earth is never used the description of the world the characters are inhabiting feels very much like it could be our world should these terrible catastrophes come to pass. Swallow has sought out Resha to learn what life was like before the establishment of The Ways, which is a belief system that works to control society. Resha feels a bond with this young girl that she can’t explain and in sharing what she remembers the two begin to grow closer. Beyond just stories the two women also begin exploring different areas outside of their village and discover things that they never could have imagined still existed.

The author, P. Roscoe, creates such a strong narrative concerning how this world came to be. Through Resha he gives a detailed timeline of the fall of society and the rise of an android ruling class, which humans are just now beginning to break away from. These androids still appear, but humans have begun speaking again after a long silence and slowly memories are returning and being shared. I found his world remarkably believable and applaud the effort he put into creating such a detailed story. Beyond that he also creates an interesting dynamic between his primary characters, Resha and Swallow. There is an attraction between them, but over the course of the story it does not evolve exactly in the way I had expected. 2394 is an interesting read and something I would definitely recommend to those who enjoy science fiction or alternate histories.

You can find 2394 Mirrors of the Past on sale now.

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