Things We Haven’t Said Book Review from @kleffnotes

Things We Haven’t Said is a book that will fill you with a variety of emotions and is something that I think is important reading material for anyone. The focus of this collected work is sexual violence survivors and their stories. This topic is something that needs to be brought more into focus and that is why I chose to review this. I will say that I will not delve into details of each story presented in the work in this review, but the book itself does not shy away from frank discussions.

This work contains 25 different stories from both men and women from a variety of backgrounds who have at some point in their lives been subjected to sexual violence. By allowing their words to be shared these brave people are opening themselves up in an attempt to help others either to cope with their own trauma or to understand how to better help those who have had these experiences. Each person has written a fictionalized or personal essay that shares themselves in an intimate way with the reader. Each of these stories is so diverse and there are letters, poems, as well as standard essays. After these Erin Moulton, the editor of Things We Haven’t Said, has provided an informal interview she had with each person who submitted to the collection and then each chapter ends with an update and description of the person now.

Things We Haven’t Said is not an easy read, while it is a small book the stories are deep and require you to reflect and focus your attention. I was struck by the passion and desire to help others that appeared within each of the interviews and I also found myself tearing up throughout the course of my reading. I did have to take breaks and allow myself to center myself after certain sections. I think this book is profoundly important and I hope that those who read it can see the power behind it. You can find Things We Haven’t Said on sale now.

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