Stolen Obsession Book Review from @kleffnotes

Annalisse Drury is still coping with the violent death of her close friend Sam. This death has haunted her not only because it remains unsolved, but because the bracelet her friend was wearing is believed to be cursed. When she’s at a gallery opening for a dear friend and client she sees a piece that matches the cursed bracelet and feels as though everything is doomed from that point forward. While people try to persuade her everything will be fine, danger and death begin to appear at every corner in Stolen Obsession.

After seeing a necklace matching her friend’s bracelet, Annalisse finds herself working through an escalating series of dangerous events. When her boss and mentor suddenly dies at the gallery opening, she learns that there are dark ties connecting these deaths and the jewelry. The cursed necklace was once stolen and is sought after by frightening people. Annalisse’s home is ransacked and while she is threatened, the man she has feelings for is drawn into the complex investigation. Throughout the novel we watch as Annalisse grows closer to Alec, who is the very attractive son of the gallery owner Generosa, as they try and find out just who is after them and the necklace.

Stolen Obsession is something I would consider a cozy mystery that while filled with murder and danger focuses a great deal on the relationship between Annalisse and Alec. Their connection is what moves the story along and while Annalisse is technically the main character there are elements that are shown through Alec’s point of view instead. There is a strong will they, won’t they element primarily due to Annalisse’s resistance to being involved with the man she is so attracted to due to his possible playboy nature. There are a number of different elements within this story including international criminal organizations, dark secrets, and unexpected murders. I would recommend this for readers who enjoy a little bit of danger with an emphasis on romance.

You can find Stolen Obsession on sale now.

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