The Fandom Book Review from @kleffnotes

Have you ever wanted to live inside your favorite fictional world? In Anna Day’s gripping read, The Fandom, four teens find themselves thrust into the dystopian world of their favorite novel. Over the course of the book the story they love begins to change and they must each find it in themselves to survive.

The Fandom focuses on Violet, a nervous young girl who feels as though she just can’t measure up to her friend Alice. She has not felt like the leading woman in the story of her life, but when she goes to Comic-Con with Alice, their friend Katie, and her younger brother Nate, she is given the chance to become the hero. When the four of them find themselves in the world of The Gallows Dance Violet becomes the stand in for the canonical heroine, Rose. While she initially thinks she must follow the story perfectly things begin to change when she finds herself connecting with Ash, a character who loved Rose in the series, but never had a chance with her. Everything begins to shift as Violet grows and finds herself becoming someone strong and confident.

When I began reading The Fandom I absolutely fell in love with Violet. She is the type of character who reminds me so much of who I was in high school. She loves these fictional characters so much, but she doesn’t feel like she can measure up to the heroine she admires. Once she finds herself within The Gallows Dance Violet begins to embrace a power she never new she had, the power to save others. What Day does in The Fandom is exceptional and I was completely surprised by the reveals near the end of the book. Every character she introduces is multifaceted and beyond that her creation of a fictional universe for her real world based characters to navigate is really well done. I loved hearing Violet and Nate discuss what happened in the book and bonding over their love of the book, even though they were in a dangerous place. The Fandom is the perfect read for anyone who loves dystopian series and for those who have ever found themselves completely dedicated to a fandom.

You can find The Fandom on sale now!

In additionally exciting news, Ileen Maisel has just been announced as setting a first look deal with Fox 21 TV Studios to create a television adaptation of The Fandom in the future.

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