The House Always Wins Book Review from @kleffnotes

Young small town journalist Anna Christiansen finds herself on a brand new life path after a late night interview with the bassist of a Las Vegas band performing in Michigan. After one night together she decides to pick up and move to a brand new city with this man she has found an instant connection with. The House Always Wins is a fun and informative read that is full of love and a dedication to being able to have the home you choose for your family.

When Anna is introduced she is working at the local paper, but feels like she isn’t really going anywhere, until she gets her first big story. She is sent to do a write up about a band performing and interview their lead singer, except when she gets to the venue it seems like nothing is going right. What does wind up happening leads Anna to pick up and move to Las Vegas with the bassist. Their connection is so immediate that they wind up in a whirlwind romance, which leads them to buy a house they intend to make their family home. After putting in a tremendous amount of work they receive a letter saying that a casino owner wants to buy them out. As they begin their fight to save this new house, Anna starts seeing a spirit, who has a lot of stories to tell.

I really enjoyed The House Always Wins. Brian Rouff does a great job of describing Las Vegas and while I have only been there twice, it was fun to recognize names he was mentioning and be able to picture some of the places Anna was. The love Anna and Aaron have for each other is so sweet and it adds so much to this work. I also really enjoyed Anna’s character. She’s tough as nails and refuses to take no for an answer now that she’s living her new life in Las Vegas. If you are looking for a fun read definitely check out The House Always Wins.

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