Things to Do Before You’re 30 Book Review from @kleffnotes

With my 30’s only three years away I couldn’t resist the opportunity to review Jessica Misener’s Things to Do Before You’re 30: The Try-It-Out, Get-It-Done, Live-It-Up List! I have been looking for ways to grow and explore as I get closer to the milestone birthday and this book is absolutely perfect. Whether you are about to hit 30 or just looking for a way to add some fun and wonder to your life after 30 you can find some amazing suggestions from Misener.

The layout of Things to Do Before You’re 30 is easy to follow and full of bright colors. It alternates between bright colored pages and elements of color on white pages. Next to each suggestion is a box for you to check them off as you go and in the back there are pages set aside for making lists. Misener mentions that you can try them all, do some more than once, or even just pick and choose the ones that work for you. I was really pleased to see that some of her suggestions were things I had already done, some of them I’d even done more than once already. Beyond travel and trying new foods, which often seem to show up in these sort of spice up your life lists, she also includes moments of charity and love. These added elements show that growing your soul is just as important as growing your palette.

I would strongly recommend this book for anyone who wants to find a way to add even more enjoyment to their life. You don’t even need to go anywhere for some of her suggestions, but instead bring those you love and care about closer. She suggests movie marathons, epic game nights, and even a super delicious sounding midnight breakfast. I plan on using Misener’s Things to Do Before You’re 30 to plan some wonderful moments and to truly live my life to the fullest through her exceptional tips.

You can find Things to Do Before You’re 30 on sale now!

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