Playful Intelligence Book Review from @kleffnotes

Anthony T. DeBenedet examines how elements of play can help to make our lives more enjoyable in his book Playful Intelligence: The Power of Living Lightly in a Serious World. He examines five main elements that can help to bring you back in touch with your childhood and reduce the seriousness of adulthood. Playful Intelligence provides you with a way to cope with all of the changes that can happen in your life.

By combining personalized examples and medical elements, DeBenedet breaks down his theory for how to live a better and more positive life in an interesting way. While he does share some of his personal life, he also provides you with very detailed examples of people who were studied in connection to his research as well as famous people including John F. Kennedy. The five topics that DeBenedet focuses on in connection to living a more joyful life are each given their own chapter. These include imagination, sociability, humor, spontaneity, and wonder. Each chapter provides you with a variety of examples and then ties everything together with a brief section on how to utilize the concept through a bullet point style suggestion list.

DeBenedet has done a great deal of research into the idea of using play to live a better life and as you read you will be provided with a variety of examples of how these five elements can benefit you. The stories that he shares within Playful Intelligence were not only inspiring, but very humbling. The people he highlights have live through so much and found a way to still live positive lives. If you are concerned that a book so full of research would be difficult to read, DeBenedet easily breaks down his topics in a way that anyone can understand them. If you are looking to bring a bit of joy to your life you need to check out Playful Intelligence today.

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