Girls With Dreams Book Review from @kleffnotes

Girls With Dreams examines the presence of women in the field of STEM and looks at the obstacles that are keeping this number lower not only in the United States, but across the world. Beyond that Natasha Ravinand discusses her own movement, She Dreams in Code, and the work she is doing already to try and grow the amount of women in the field. This work is already impressive and what makes it even more impressive is that Ravinand is still in high school.

In Girls With Dreams Ravinand breaks down her discussion of women in STEM into five primary topics, which are tied together through the discussion of media and representation within the STEM field. One of the major issues she sees as impacting the number of women in STEM is the divide in pop culture and media representation between men and women. She discusses how girls are often presented with the idea that they should be poised and perfect while boys are told to take risks and push themselves to do more. Beyond that she goes on to note that boys are often pushed more toward STEM fields at a young age while girls are often told to look at the arts and humanities. The division leads to lower levels of women in STEM and then impacts that field itself by creating a bro culture that women cannot become a part of.

Ravinand also examines the global education of young girls and how in some countries it is difficult for girls to even go to school at all. She mentions organizations that are trying to help more girls go to school and get a basic education and also discusses movements like her own, She Dreams in Code, which work to support girls interested in STEM and help them to grow their knowledge of the field. Ravinand does a great job of discussing the issues connected to women in STEM and also shares the stories of important women who have changed the field for the better. This book is a must read for those who hope to improve the STEM field or are interested in understanding more about women in a variety of fields and what impacts their lives.

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