Wild Batwoman Speculations from @kleffnotes

Today it was announced  that Batwoman will be introduced as part of the four episode DC CW crossover event happening in December of this year. Now for those of you that don’t know I completely adore and am basically obsessed with Batwoman. I have Funko figures, a collectible figurine, all of the graphic novels, all the single issues of her recent Batwoman solo series, and she is literally the reason I started reading Detective Comics when DC announced their Rebirth line. This news has me very excited, but admittedly a little worried, about how my favorite character will appear within the DC CW universe. I thought I would share some of my concerns as well as just general thoughts I have about how they will tie her into their existing world with all of you.

I would like to begin by saying that I am not caught up at all on the recent DC CW shows. I was watching Supergirl, but I haven’t watched any of the most recent season and I have never watched Arrow, The Flash, or Legends of Tomorrow. I am sure that shocks some of you because I really do love DC, but my DC love primarily relates to my love of the Batman universe, which has never been on The CW. That is until the introduction of Maggie Sawyer on Supergirl. I was very surprised when it was announced Maggie would be appearing on the series, but admittedly this gave me hope that Batwoman might appear. For a while I kept thinking that Alex Danvers would take up the mantle since she and Maggie were dating. While it would have completely changed the backstory of the character Alex has the skills and she also identifies as a lesbian, who at some point was dating Maggie Sawyer, which are both crucial parts of being Batwoman. With certain choices in the Sanvers plot in Supergirl I actually stopped watching the series and gave up hope that Alex would become my favorite DC hero.

The news today that Batwoman would be appearing in the crossover event surprised me and had me jumping for joy. It was the one thing I had been hoping for and then after my frantic elation slightly calmed down I started trying to figure out how this would work. Now it is very possible Maggie will be used as the tie in for Batwoman, but the DEO itself could also be her link. Within the comics Batwoman does work for a period of time for the DEO. Now her DEO is a bit different than the current DEO that the Supergirl series uses. Batwoman instead fights supernatural beings, including monsters. This relates to larger storylines within the DC Comics universe, which should Gotham be introduced into what the CW does could be used to add some bad guys everyone would have to deal with.

For those of you who know Batwoman and her alter ego Kate Kane you probably know that at a certain point in the comics she proposed to Maggie Sawyer. Yes, that did happen, but currently in the comics they are not together. The Maggie in Batwoman’s comics had a child and while she and Kate connected the life Kate lived as Batwoman was dangerous. There was a break-up and in recent issues the two are not together, Kate isn’t dating anyone. What The CW could do is have Kate and Maggie reconnect or at least have Kate express that she knows who Maggie is. I don’t see them actually putting those two characters together though, mostly because I see Kate as someone Maggie would have dated before finding Alex.

I am a little worried that The CW will change elements of Kate’s character, if she is not written as a lesbian I will riot. Kate Kane is a woman who has struggled to find herself, but ultimately fights her hardest to protect people she cares about no matter what harm it could do to her. I think she would be a great introduction to The CW DC Universe. What I desperately wish would happen is that she and Thunder from Black Lightning could meet up. I am not anticipating the world of Black Lightning to be included in the crossover, but I could be wrong. I am basing this solely on the Black Lightning panel I watched that Nafessa Williams did at ClexaCon earlier this year. While she did not say anything about a crossover she made no mention to having worked with any of the other DC CW cast. Black Lightning is currently the only The CW DC show that I am caught up on and if you haven’t watched it yet you need to get to Netflix asap.

I am going to stay optimistic about the introduction of Batwoman into The DC CW universe and I will definitely be watching the four episode crossover in December, even if I won’t have any idea what is going on. Let me know what you think about this news and if you are a Batwoman fan yourself I would love to know.

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