Boying Up Book Review from @kleffnotes

Mayim Bialik’s Boying Up is the follow-up to her New York Times bestseller Girling Up. In this companion work she discusses how boys go through the process of puberty, or boying up. Beyond just discussing the physiology of these changes Bialik also provides a variety of tips for living a healthy life that can be instituted in childhood and transitioned into a healthy adult life.

When I was growing up the book that I remember my parents giving me about puberty was something I thought was exceptionally helpful. As a huge reader being able to sit down and read through things that would be happening to me and my body helped me feel more relaxed as I entered my tween and teen years. At the time I was also attending a school that did not really discuss health topics, which made it necessary for me to rely on more outside resources. Bialik’s Boying Up reminded me so much of the book that helped me to be comfortable with my changing body and I can see this becoming a staple tool for parents raising young men.

The book is designed to be given to boys so that they can get an overall understanding of the changes that puberty causes and Bialik also discusses how boys may behave differently than girls. Based on her research Bialik does discuss some of the more scientific elements for possible differences in behavior, but she also notes that everyone is different and there are boys and girls who may act outside of the ways that stereotypes lead people to believe they will. I also appreciated her discussion of transitioning or questioning gender, though it was a brief section I do not remember this being discussed at all when I was growing up. Her second to last chapter was actually my favorite and while the book is tailored for young boys I could see her thoughts on coping and dealing with emotions being beneficial for both parents and children. I would recommend this book to parent, whether they are raising boys or not, and educators who will be interacting with young children. You can find Boying Up wherever books are sold.

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