Ask a Manager Book Review ( @askamanager )from @kleffnotes

With ten years of workplace-advice columnist work to draw from, Alison Green shares a plethora of ways to handle things that might happen during a variety of moments in your career in her book Ask a Manager. If you are a veteran in your field or just getting started after graduation this book can help you to grow and become a more confident communicator.

Ask a Manager is broken down into four chapters that focus on specific types of interactions connected to the workplace. The first focuses on communicating with your boss, then she moves into conversations with your coworkers. The third chapter is for having communications with co-workers when you are the boss and the final chapter concerns situations that could come up with a job interviewer. Throughout these sections Green provides her own examples of how to begin a conversation concerning anything from someone listening to music without headphones to unclear or conflicting information concerning a project. To supplement these situations she also includes some of her columns with difficult questions she had previously answered. This helps to highlight some of the more extreme work issues that might happen including someone basically bear hugging everyone they come in contact with and a manager giving poor performance evaluations because someone refuses to participate in after work sports events.

As someone who is still navigating the workforce, while I do write for The Nerdy Girl Express I also still need to have some form of day job. At this time I am a bit in transition and Ask a Manager came up for review at the perfect time. It provided me with tips for interviewing that I definitely will use moving forward. It also handled some issues that I have always been curious about based on previous positions. I think that Ask a Manager is the perfect tool for anyone looking to advance themselves in their career or for someone who is still navigating and determining what they want to focus on long term. No matter where you work the advice Green provides can help you to just become a better communicator overall. You can find Ask a Manager on sale now.

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