Bitterroot Queen Book Review ( @DirtRoadBooks ) from @kleffnotes

Jove Belle transports you to the small town of Bitterroot, Idaho in Bitterroot Queen. This romantic novel introduces two women who are at very different points in their lives. Sam has just uprooted her entire life, included a fifteen year old daughter, from Las Vegas to start a new life in Bitterroot. With high hopes she’s purchased a hotel, but even with all of her planning, she is shocked when she finds the property trashed. At the same time Sam is arriving in town wanderer Ollie has just pulled in looking for some temporary work and a brief respite from the road. As the two spend more time in Bitterroot new found feelings emerge and neither woman is fully prepared for what lies ahead.

I am typically not a fan of romance novels, but over the past year or so I have found myself more interested in the genre. This might be because I’m in a very happy relationship and want to see more fictional couples that reflect the emotions I’m feeling or maybe I have secretly always been a romantic and am just now allowing myself to indulge. I picked up Bitterroot Queen while at ClexaCon this year thinking that I would read it on the plane ride home, that didn’t happen, but once I had time to dedicate to it I found myself entranced by Bitterroot and the characters living in this fictional town. Belle does a fantastic job of fleshing out even her most minor characters and creating a world that feels so real that you can’t help by relate to these characters.

Bitterroot Queen is a slow burning story that focuses more on developing Sam and Ollie as individuals before pulling them together as a couple. Both women definitely have feelings for each other, but when they first meet things aren’t exactly ideal. After Ollie begins working for Sam repairing her hotel, Bitterroot Queen, they start connecting and both feel a strong connection growing between them. These lingering looks and their internal desires to reach out and kiss or touch the other are wonderfully done and it makes the story even more engaging. You are rooting for them, but you also realize Sam and Ollie have their own personal issues to work through first before they can even consider being in a serious relationship with each other. I absolutely loved Bitterroot Queen and I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a well done romance full of strong characters. You can find Bitterroot Queen on sale through Dirt Road Books today.

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