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Ava Eisenberg spends her days working as an assistant to the fabulous movie star Gwen Knight, but when she isn’t on set Ava flies through the skies as Swiftwing. After being part of a world changing spaceship crash Ava has lived on Earth as a disguised alien and uses her powers to help save people. Her desire to help leads her to make a decision that just might change her entire life in Alex K. Thorne’s Chasing Stars.

Gwen Knight is involved in a heated custody battle with her ex-husband and in an attempt to keep primary custody of her son she has been planning a way to make her home appear more stable. While she is a fantastic mother and completely dedicated to her child, she thinks that having a partner is the best way to sway the ruling in her favor. After a failed plan to create a fictional relationship with her co-star, Gwen asks Ava if she would be willing to be her temporary girlfriend. What Gwen doesn’t know is that Ava has feelings for her. While they navigate the change to their relationship, Ava is also dealing with two aggressive alien beings with interesting powers.

Chasing Stars examines not only a female/female love story, but it also looks at how no matter what is happening in your life that love is there. Ava cares for Gwen even though her boss is 20 years older than her and over the course of their relationship we begin to see behind the public face Gwen has to keep as an actress. Both women are contending with their own masks and having the trust to let someone into their lives fully. Thorne balances a strong superhero story with a sweet and romantic plot that is full of ups and downs for our two main characters as they work through what being together could mean. I loved Ava and found myself really connecting with her and her desire to help people no matter what it might cost her. This book is the perfect read for comic book lovers and anyone looking for a great romantic story. You can find Chasing Stars for sale on the Ylva Publishing website.

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