The Kidult Handbook Book Review from @kleffnotes

Do you ever just need time to relax and can’t exactly figure out just what to do to de-stress? Nicole Booz shares 160 ways to embrace your inner child and let your adult worries drift away in her book The Kidult Handbook. There are activities and suggestions for everyone that span from physical activities like hiking to more relaxing moments like building a pillow fort. You can find the perfect activity to help you relax just by flipping through this fun read.

The Kidult Handbook is broken down into seven sections, which Booz describes in detail within her introduction. These sections include activities you can do alone or with friends, though some do specifically highlight group activities. Within her chapter “Do With Friends” she sets out things you should do with other people including creating your own Bingo game, making homemade Dunkaroos, and having a nerf war. There is also a chapter solely devoted to different parties you can plan and another for how to set up your own field day event. Throughout the other sections she shares ways that you can relax alone, including reading some of your favorite books from childhood, cloud watching, or putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Admittedly a number of her solo activities can also be done with friends.

Beyond setting out activities Booz also shares a number of recipes that can be used as part of a party you plan or just for a fun night of kitchen creativity. The one I am most excited to try out is the Butterbeer Milkshake, which sounds totally delicious. She also has recipes for some adult beverage based things which include gummy bears, a wine slushy, and a twist on a root beer float. There are also some fun crafting tips for trying your hand at something a bit more creative. You can read The Kidult Handbook all the way through or flip through the pages whenever you are in the mood to indulge your inner child. You can find The Kidult Handbook on sale now!

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