Think Happy to Stay Happy Book Review from @kleffnotes

Think Happy to Stay Happy is designed to help you grow a positive attitude by helping you to daily work on building yourself up. This book full of positive affirmations and optimistic actions put together by Becca Anderson is a read that can fit in your pocket or purse and help you to find the bright side to every day.

Becca Anderson shares her belief that you can become a more positive and optimistic person through her book Think Happy to Stay Happy. She begins by telling you to flip to a random page and let what you read guide you for the day. The pages alternate between quotes and sentences of affirmations and actions that you can take every day to make yourself feel happier. Some of her suggestions include meditating or making lists about yourself while others involve donating or working with charity.

The positive energy within Think Happy to Stay Happy will brighten even the grayest of days. Anderson has included a variety of tips and phrases that can help you to refocus your energy in a positive way. She also includes Affirmation Journaling Pages at the back of the book to help you actively go through some self-guided affirmational thinking. This is the perfect little book to make you feel more positive and help to give you a more optimistic outlook on your everyday life. You can find Think Happy to Stay Happy on sale now.

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