Daimonion, Book One of the Apocalypse Book Review ( @Canuckbear88) from @kleffnotes

J.P. Jackson creates a world of demonic beings that will shock you with surprising twists and turns in Daimonion. This book is the first in a series focused on the Apocalypse and moves between the voices of a variety of characters who are all connected through a maleficent force. Our primary voice, who introduces us to the world of the series, is Dati, a demon who is tasked with the job of awakening the demonic energies inside children for his Master. While he is a demon there is a touch of humanity inside of him that leads him to try and protect one specific human at all costs.Daimonion introduces so many terrifying and interesting creatures, most of whom serve the same dark Master as Dati. During one of his nightly missions he is tasked with turning a young boy named Alyx, but he is stopped by the child’s mother who makes a deal with the demon. This deal holds true for years, until one day Dati unexpectedly sees the child he protected has grown up into a magnificent man. He feels drawn to him and Alyx also feels a connection to the mysterious Dati. This connection inevitably leads to a change in Alyx’s life and the reveal of a hidden past. Outside of these two characters we also meet a young woman named Jenae, whom Dati is suddenly tasked with protecting after a strange and frightening meeting with his Master.  There are also other demons including a shifter name Hemming, witches, Watchers, and at one point the Light Bringer himself, Lucifer, is mentioned. This story pulls you through dangerous and terrifying moments at a rapid pace, but completely sucks you to the captivating story.

I was exceptionally intrigued by the premise of Daimonion. I enjoy supernatural stories and have always had a soft spot for demonic characters. When I was caught up on Supernatural Crowley was always my favorite to see make an appearance. Jackson’s story emphasizes that it is told from the point of view of a demon, but Dati is not just some evil force. He wants to connect with humanity, even though he has been forced to remain separated for centuries because of his Master. His connection with Alyx is full of tension, heartbreak, and a deep love that makes you root for their relationship no matter what is going on around them. Jackson’s characters are also intriguing and very well developed. I enjoyed each new twist and background story element that was revealed and I cannot wait to see more of these characters in the future, especially after that ending. Daimonion does have some violent and gory elements and would be best for mature readers. You can find Daimonion, Book One of the Apocalypse on sale through Nine Star Press.

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