A Shadow Away Book Review from @kleffnotes

A Shadow Away, the first book in the Alex Cort Adventures series, introduces readers to Alex Cort, a private detective with a love for adventure and artifacts. When he receives a call from an old friend, Andrew Seaton, Cort finds himself traveling to the Amazon River on the quest for the fabled city of El Dorado. This adventure novel blends action and intrigue with the magical idea of other dimensions that make Cort’s work even more dangerous and exciting.

Joan K. Lacy’s main character Alex Cort is a blend of private eye and adventurer; he has a slight Indiana Jones vibe to his escapades and never backs down from a fight. Before he leaves to join Seaton he meets a mysterious woman who goes by the name Angel. After performing what initially appears to be a minor magic trick involving his keys, Alex learns that Angel is able to channel energies from other dimensions. These powers though are not solely tied to her and over the course of his adventure he learns that he can also connect himself to this magical force.

Throughout A Shadow Away the use of magic grows, which changes the story into a strong supernatural adventure. Seaton is tied to El Dorado in a mysterious way and as they hunt for the statue that is tied to the past he also learns of a former life. As time and space shift around them Alex begins to practice more and more magic over the course of the trip. Lacy does a wonderful job of balancing adventure with magic and creates a delightful story of discovery. Beyond magic she also highlights the bond between Alex and Angel, which grows over the course of their journey together.

You can find A Shadow Away on sale now!

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