Red Hood: The Hunt Book Review from @kleffnotes

In a world where a third of the population has been turned into werewolves, Detective Daria McQueen protects Seattle from the onslaught of unthinking beasts. One night while working a Howler Shift during the full moon, Daria meets a mysterious woman known in urban legend as Red Hood. Wolf attacks are rising and with an important discussion occurring connected to much needed protective silver Daria finds herself growing closer to this mysterious woman.

Red Hood: The Hunt is part of Erik Schubach’s Urban Fairytales series and within this alternative world he establishes Daria as our primary protagonist. After surviving a deadly attack that killed her parents and turned her sister into a wolf, she has worked to protect others from monsters. When she sees Red Hood fighting one night as a hunter she is shocked when the woman arrives at the police station and introduces herself of the head of the Mayor’s security team, Maireni. The two women learn that they have a connection through the werewolf curse and as their connection grows the mystery surrounding the increase in attacks is revealed. This story will have you hooked from the moment you start reading and you won’t want to put it down until the surprising ending.

Schubach creates a mythology for Daria and Mari that is a new take on the myth of the werewolf. The reveal of how Mari came to be the Red Hood and the responsibilities and powers this role involves is captivating and allows for rich world building for her connection to the werewolves around her. Daria’s growing romantic bond to Mari ties into all of this in a surprising way and when the two are faced with what could be a dangerous situation the way they cope with the changes it intriguing. I really loved the focus on female characters within this work and I would love to see more of Mari and Daria in the future. This is the perfect read for those who love supernatural stories and I would especially recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the Underworld series. You can find Red Hood: The Hunt on sale now.


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