Shaman Express Book Review ( @BenedicteRouss @yacarevolador )from @kleffnotes

Shaman Express is written by Omar Beretta and Bénédicte Rousseau, who felt an instant connection when they met at a Shamanic workshop in 2015. In their novel they examine the quest for enlightenment with fictionalized versions of themselves as the main characters. Shaman Express examines provocative topics through a frequently humorous lens as the fictional Omar and Bénédicte travel the world in search of who they are and the peace of enlightenment.

The novel moves between a variety of locations around the world and within each place Omar and Bénédicte try to find some new way to bring themselves a sense of enlightenment. Omar is a recovering addict and Bénédicte is struggling with a divorce and mental health issues that continue to resurface. Throughout Shaman Express the two characters slip in and out of the present and often find themselves either reliving past experiences or communicating with those who have passed on. Their focus on the spiritual within their everyday lives also adds mystical elements to the things happening around them. Their stream of consciousness style discussion of what is happening around them also provides a surreal sort of story for the reader.

The narrative of Shaman Express moves between Omar and Bénédicte and we see each of their travels from their individual points of view. To help show that they are each relating the same trips there is some crossover where a conversation or moment will be repeated so that you can see both Omar and Bénédicte’s experiences and thoughts connected to that moment. I enjoyed the book and found the blending of the real with the mystical to be a delightful introduction to the ideas of shamanism. This is the sort of novel that fans of Chuck Palahniuk would enjoy as the writing shares some elements that his work presents. You can find Shaman Express on sale now.

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