Disbanded Kingdom Book Review ( @CLBPressUK ) from @kleffnotes

Disbanded Kingdom focuses on a young man named Oscar who is struggling to find himself. Through late nights and his passing thoughts readers are connected to a young man on a journey of discovery. This stream of consciousness narrative examines life during a moment of extreme change and allows for you to travel Oscar’s path with him.

On the dark London streets Oscar finds himself aimlessly trying to find himself and connect with the world around him. After a break-up with his boyfriend Terry, he can’t seem to find a way to move on. When he is first introduced within the pages of Disbanded Kingdom he has decided to follow a man around the city while creating the perfect character, only to have his imagining shattered when the well-dressed man speaks in a voice that seems far too high for the version of him that Oscar has created. This introduction to our main character shows he’s fixation on what could be as opposed to what is. While he once loved to see and found joy in music the loss and disconnection he feels after Terry has pushed him into a place he can’t seem to leave. Oscar moves through the streets of London with his friends, but it isn’t until he meets a man named Tim that he begins to feel something changing.

Polis Loizou creates a beautiful story of identity with in the pages of Disbanded Kingdom. While the main focus of the story is Oscar, there are also connected characters that are working through their own life changes. His close friend, Bella, is trying to find a job, which in slight ways relates to Oscar’s own attempts to determine just what it is that he should do with his life. As he travels London, sometimes alone and sometimes with others, he allows his mind to wander and tries to figure out his connection to everything around him. The feelings he has for Tim show a want to grow and find another relationship after his break up with Terry, but there is also a melancholy about this romance that lingers throughout Disbanded Kingdom. This book is an interesting read for anyone who might enjoys stream of conscious narratives and are looking for something that involves strong emotional and character work. You can find Disbanded Kingdom on sale now.

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