Movie Review: Mad Genius Coming to VOD July 3 via @erinwise82

From Film Mode Entertainment comes Mad Genius, starring Chris Mason, Scott Mechlowski, Spencer Locke, and Farin Tahir. Right off the bat, my first thoughts of Mad Genius was….this has a “Mr. Robot”, “Matrix”, and finally a “Hackers” type feel to it.

Mason is on the mission of saving humanity….and how does he plan to do that? Hack the human mind. Unfortunately, Mason suffers from multiple personality disorder, “alter ego”, and bases his decisions on well his other ego…

Finn, a conniving main ego, has Mason doing anything and everything to accomplish their mission. As you move along, you start to wonder if what Mason and Finn are up is actually the right thing to do. They talk about rewriting the human brain and pretty much deleting all the deficiencies with things like updates for a computer. I’m all for a better world but it seems a bit creepy that someone can just delete parts of you that’s consider a deficiency.  

To get closer to the completion of the mission, they steal a madman named Eden’s technology after learning some brutal information….soon they discover perhaps they weren’t the only ones with same plan. Now they’re being hunted by Eden and have to pull off the hack of a lifetime to defeat their foe, while dealing with life and it’s issues.

This sci-fi flick is trippy and awesome and insane. You can’t keep your eyes off the screen with the intense plot, great visuals, and pretty damn good acting.

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