Review: Self Esteem Building Journal For Tween Girls By Jess Volinski from @erinwise82

This isn’t your typical book review…

Because this isn’t a typical book. This wonderful little gem is a journal with some amazing messages to our young girls across the world.

The pages are filled with messages that help with self-esteem/self-confidence. The bright, bold colors on the artwork really pop and grab your attention to the positive message it displays. I thought it was pretty neat that the pages also have writing prompts. Things that make the young lady who’s using it, really learn about themselves. It even helps with things you don’t like, for example, one prompt asked for you to name a book you didn’t like, then give a reason why someone else should give it a try.

This journal focuses on positivity in a society where it’s really needed. Not only does it boost a child’s self-confidence, it also improves critical thinking skills, boosts writing skills and appreciation, and helps touch the artful creativeness every parent adores.

This is definitely a recommendation for any parent of daughters. You can find out more about Jess Volinski on her website and you can get your copy here.

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