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When General Hospital’s Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) was found guilty by reason of temporary insanity for pushing Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) down a flight of stairs, she never imagined she’d be remanded to Ferncliff.

Being locked up for a crime she didn’t commit is bad enough, but it’s worst where the supervising nurse of the facility is Port Charles’ version of Nurse Ratchet!

Mary Pat is a controlling medical dictator who runs a tight ship and is determined to keep the patients in line. It’s her way or the upped medication dosage or syringe, whatever will tame the troublemakers. And in the nurse’s opinion, Caroline Benson is a troublemaker.  Mary Pat will make sure Caroline bends to her (Mary Pat) will. To be one of Mary Pat’s “All Stars” you must accept that the only rules are hers.

Photos courtesy of ABC and General Hospital

Bringing the tough nurse to life is actress Patricia Bethune, a gifted television veteran of such shows as True Blood, Mad Men and Longmire. In a short amount of time, Bethune has made Mary Pat a threatening foil for Carly. To play the tormentor of one of Port Charles’ beloved characters took having the talent to portray Mary Pat as someone who believes she knows she’s doing what’s best for the patients; that any “difficulty” she gives them is to make them capable and ready to return back into society. But it’s obvious that Mary Pat has a huge ego as well.

Patricia Bethune has a commanding presence and her scenes with Wright and Steve Burton (Jason) leap off the screen with realism. With Mary Pat calling the shots, Ferncliff has become an even deadlier place that we’ve already known it to be.

Bravo Patricia…here’s hoping Nurse Mary Pat stays around General Hospital for a long time!

Update: After Jason rescued Carly from Ferncliff, the staff including Mary Pat were fired. Mary Pat ran into “Caroline” as the head nurse came to Ferncliff to collect her personal belongings. Jobless and facing losing her apartment due to a rent increase, Mary Pat threatened to reveal that Dr. Kevin Collins was keeping a violent serial killer at Ferncliff. Since she had kept his secret, Mary Pat thought she was entitled to a payoff. However, the nurse had no idea she was trying to blackmailing Ryan Chamberlain and not his psychiatrist twin. Now it looks like Mary Pat is the latest victim of psycho Ryan.

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