Snow: The White Crow Book Review from @kleffnotes

Snow: The White Crow is the second in the Urban Fairytales series from Erik Schubach. The first book in the series introduced Red Hood and her hellhound companion and lover, this second book introduces us to the magical Gretta Snow. Much like Mari, the Red Hood, Gretta has lived for centuries and is blessed with powers that were willed to her by a supernatural being. Snow: The White Crow grows the world of the Urban Fairytales universe and sets up a larger overarching plot for the rest of the series.

Gretta Snow, while technically a Wolf Hunter, is actually someone who specializes in finding and rescuing kidnapped children. When she is first introduced Snow is in the forest and working to save a young boy, which she can do easily with her abilities to commune with nature. By communicating with animals and using plants to assist in her movements Snow is able to the boy much faster than the police. While she does not work with the police typically she finds herself connecting with Officer Rachel Paige. The two women begin to share their stories with each other and we learn that Rachel is a werewolf and that Snow gained her nature based powers from a goddess. These two women continue to grow closer and more intimate and eventually their connection grows into an official mate bond.

Snow and Rachel are not the only mated couple in Snow: The White Crow. Mari and Daria return and the four women have to work together against a collection of dark witches who are using werewolves as killing machines. This newly assembled pack of supernatural women has a fantastic dynamic and even when they are preparing to go into battle they maintain a hilarious banter. Both couples love their partner in such a beautiful way that they are willing to die for each other. I absolutely loved this addition to the series and I am excited to see what happens going forward. There were references to the next book in the series with the mention of a powerful female trinity which includes figures described as Snow White, Cinderella, and Briar Rose. If you love fairy tales and wonderfully written female characters you definitely need to check out the Urban Fairytales series.

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