The Return of the Ripper: A Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Jame Mystery Book Review from @kleffnotes

Lucy James and Sherlock Holmes are back in the latest installment of the the mystery series about the famous detective and his recently revealed daughter The Return of the Ripper. While both characters should be focusing on the upcoming wedding of Lucy to the love of her life, police detective Jack Kelly, their are a number of mysteries standing in their way. This novel includes not one mystery, but a multitude, but Anna Elliott and Charles Veley are able to weave these all together in a way that feels natural and perfectly Sherlockian.

In keeping with the title of this book the first mystery presented in the appearance of what appears to be a Ripper killing, years after the original murders took place. Sherlock and Watson immediately go to examine the body and this is immediately followed by a previously set up meeting to discuss the issues a diamond mogul is experiencing. Sherlock is more than willing and capable of taking on both of these cases, but Watson finds a third mystery to add to their collective plate. While working on a writing project that his editor has asked him to undertake Watson is reintroduced to a woman who was friend’s with his late wife, Mary, named Amelia Scott. Mrs. Scott has recently established a home for young girls with the mission of bettering their lives. during her chat with Watson she asks him if he can help her to discover who has been involved in some recent thefts that are happening during meetings of the organization. With all of these cases Lucy is more than willing to assist her father and Watson in solving them.

With so much to be investigated Lucy begins by assisting with the case of the home for girls as she is more easily able to blend in at an upcoming society event than Sherlock would be. This initially easy work leads to a much more complex investigation with Lucy working to also track down the Ripper, who is still at large, and try and maintain her promise to Jack to stay out of trouble. So much happens throughout The Return of the Ripper and it is the perfect read for mystery fans because it will just continue to keep you guess. I would try and say more, but no one wants a story spoiled for them and this is one you definitely need to read for yourself. I absolutely adore the Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James series and this addition included the famous Jack the Ripper case in a way that I was captivated by. As the character of Sherlock Holmes did exist during the same time period as the infamous Ripper there are some very intense moments presented with Lucy and Sherlock where they discuss just why he was not more focused on finding this particular killer. Lucy James allows for a mellowing of Sherlock’s perpetually crime focused nature and the writing that Elliott and Veley do to make these characters work so well together is exceptionally well done. I cannot recommend this series enough to anyone who enjoys mysteries or Sherlock Holmes. You can find The Return of the Ripper on sale now.

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