Let Down Your Hair Book Review (@erikschubach )from @kleffnotes

Let Down Your Hair is both a prequel and a sequel in my mind to the Urban Fairytales series from Erik Schubach. As a way to relax the women of the series we have grown to love over the course of four previous books spend nights eating junk food and going through the journals of previous women with powers like their own. For their reading on this particular night Nicole, a character introduced in the previous book, insists they read the journal of Rapunzel.

While in previous novels the present and past both appear in roughly equal elements, Let Down Your Hair focuses predominantly on the past. It follows the journey of renowned witch hunter, Rapunzel. She hunts across Europe for the vile witch Dame Gothel, who kept her prisoner and attacked her with dark magics. At her birth she was somehow gifted with the ability to survive any dark magic attack. Using this power and her own fighting skills which she learned from a woman, who happens to be intimately connected with Rose, she has taken out a number of witches. In her journal she details the meeting of a young maid who she immediately feels connected to. The two women grow closer and closer as Rapunzel gets closer to finding and destroying the woman who tortured her.

In Let Down Your Hair Schubach reveals not just another woman and her partner, but that The Scales must do far more in order to maintain balance than was previously shown. Beyond that we get to learn a bit more about a character introduced in the previous book who has an even stronger powers than I previously realized. I loved Rapunzel and Evelyn together, their relationship is so sweet and both women are exceptionally strong and powerful fighters. The ending also has me very excited for the next book in the series and the journey the current Avatars and their partners have in store for them. You can find Let Down Your Hair on sale as well as the other books in the series.

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