Nectar and Ambrosia Book Review from @kleffnotes

Callie has been running for such a long time and one day she sees a mysterious sign offering a job. When she stumbles inside the building she finds herself learning far more about the world and her own past than she ever could have expected. Inside the pages of Nectar and Ambrosia the world is full of magic and mystery and one bar has all of the answers.

When Callie finds refuge within the walls of Nectar and Ambrosia she never expected that she would become part of a world full of gods, fairies, and a pantheon’s worth of other magical beings. After suffering with what she has believed to be seizures coupled with hallucinations for a majority of her life, Callie was shocked when a terrible monster began chasing her. While she feared she was going crazy, Nectar and Ambrosia reveals to her that the monsters in her mind are not merely myths and figments. Beyond learning more about herself Callie also begins to grow closer with Florian, the gatekeeper of this particular safe haven for the godly. Their relationship isn’t perfect, but the two feel something that they want to explore after years of being alone.

Nectar and Ambrosia is a wonderful read that would be perfect for people who enjoyed the Percy Jackson series or are fans of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, book and television series. Callie is growing into an identity she never knew that she had until she made her way into the bar and this growth is fantastic to watch. She is terrified that she will not be able to stop the horrible images that she sees in her mind, which could mean that the world is ending. You can find Nectar and Ambrosia on sale now and you don’t want to miss out on this modern work of mythology.

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