Exit Strategy Book Review from @kleffnotes

Joseph H. Baskin creates a surprisingly thrilling story set in small town Ohio in his book, Exit Strategy. This story focuses on a recently disgraced Boston psychiatrist, Archibald Wendt, who chooses to move to Harding, Ohio for a new start. While there he is coping with the past that forced him to leave his practice by indulging in alcohol on an almost nightly basis, but when the very rich Virgil Morgenstern spots him out and about Archibald finds himself pulled into a series of events that he never anticipated happening.

After being invited to attend a dinner with the Morgensterns at the behest of the patriarch Virgil, Archibald is asked to pay attention to the family and give his thoughts on the adult children, Rose and Luke, and Virgil’s wife Katherine. While Virgil will not be one of his clients, he does wish to keep Archibald around. After a second dinner tragedy befalls the Morgenstern family and additional traumatic moments continue to occur lead Archibald to receive a large amount of money from the estate that he completely doesn’t understand. Once he receives this money he finds himself drawn into a large investigation that has him fearing for his life and dealing with corrupt officers and the vindictive gossip machine in Harding.

Exit Strategy deals with a number of very difficult topics including suicide, grief, and how to cope with a massive upheaval in your life. Baskin does a nice job of weaving these elements into a narrative that presents a man facing with more than he had ever expected to handle. There are some surprises throughout the story and they will keep you engaged throughout. What this story does is blend a sort of small town slice of life narrative with a mystery that works well to create a strong story for the growth of the main character. You can find Exit Strategy on sale now.

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