Infatuation Book Review from @kleffnotes

Infatuation: A Novel of Questionable Taste is a mature read that blends together danger with some exceptionally campy comedy. The story begins with two old friends meeting after 20 years for a drink and one of the men shares a story of some events that led him to find the love of his life. Jonathan Harries moves between two different groups of people who find themselves racing across the United States in order to find safety in a remarkably unlikely location.

Fanny Packer is a gorgeous belly dancer who entertains and flaunts her body, but when a mobster refuses to pay for a dance she decides to steal a strange antique book for her troubles. This man’s desire for her is suddenly spurred on by his crime connected family’s intense need for this book back. He winds up chasing after Fanny with an interesting collection of characters to try and get back what she stole. At the same time a man named Charley, who has felt trapped in a marriage where his wife has been growing more and more distant, is lusting after Fanny. After seeing her in a slightly scandalous magazine he feels a sudden connection and decides he must find her. When he does, Charley is suddenly drawn into this comedic chain of events surrounding the theft of this book.

Infatuation is definitely a book designed for mature readers. While Fanny is a belly dancer there are continuous discussions of women in brothels, the work of a dominatrix, and the sexual activities of a variety of characters. I would say that this is something those only 18 and older should read. The comedy within the book does balance the more sexual and serious elements that are presented and Harries has done a good job of creating a campy read that has the feel of a 1980’s late night film. If you enjoy a bit of raunchy comedy you will enjoy Infatuation: A Novel of Questionable Taste, on sale now.

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