Every Wicked Man Book Review from @kleffnotes

Steven James adds a new addition to his The Bowers Files series with Every Wicked Man. This thrilling read combines murder, drug dealing, deadly online live streams, and a frightening terrorist plot in a way that makes everything work together in perfect harmony. Agent Patrick Bowers must find the truth hidden within all of these evil deeds to not only find the truth, but also protect the people he loves the most.

A young man streams his suicide and sets off a chain of events that lead Agent Bowers and the FBI on a trail of clues that becomes tied together with the use of illegal drugs and an underground criminal organization. When Bowers watches the stream of the suicide he sees a figure looming in the far corner, which leads his team to hunt for a deadly observer. While his investigation is taking place an author suffering from a disorder that makes him hear voices and think that bugs are crawling beneath his skin, but while he tries to cope with all of this he begins to think that he might have been murdering people on his book tour. As each man searches for the truth the cases begin to coalesce and what emerges is something far more sinister than either of them could have anticipated.

James creates a story that combines so many different characters and plots in a way that is elegant to experience. There are no unnecessary elements and each pieces fits perfectly together. As a new reader to this series I was worried that I would be lost by jumping in so late, but I found myself engaging completely with Bowers and the other characters. James ensures that whether you are returning to the series or picking it up for the first time that you will be able to fully submerse yourself in the story. While this is a hefty book, the paperback is a little over 500 pages, you will be surprised by how quickly and easily you can breeze through it. With every plot development you will find yourself fixated and unwilling to put this book down. You can find Every Wicked Man on sale wherever books are sold.

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