Wolverton Issue #2 Kickstarter Campaign from @kleffnotes

The Wolverton comic series initially began as the idea for a movie, but was transitioned into comics. The first issue appeared on the Comic Journal’s best of 2017 list and now the team is working to bring you a second issue through a Kickstarter. The title character Jack Wolverton is entrusted with protecting dangerous and magical artifacts that his family has collected over the years, but while many people would love such a fantastic job, Jack hates magic.

Jack Wolverton, who is also known as The Black Cat, hunts down items that he needs to get away from society and safely hidden away. The first issue had Jack stealing The Monkey’s Paw, being put on a case involving the Hope Diamond, and at one point the portrait of Dorian Gray appears. Beyond these thefts Jack is also deeply in love with a woman named Isabella, who used to live in his home when he was a child. This second issue will focus on his plan to steal the Hope Diamond, which may lead to some moments with Isabella, but that will depend on whether Jack can safely see her.

The Wolverton series has a very retro comics feel to it, which is added by the decision to set it in the year 1910. The art reminds me of comics from the 1950’s and elements of it reminded me of the series, The Shadow. I enjoyed the first issue and am looking forward to seeing what unfolds in the second issue, especially with hints being made concerning Isabella returning to the city. The campaign is open until September 13th and if you are a fan of heists and mystical crimes you should definitely consider donating to their Kickstarter.

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