The Bridge: Traitor Book Review ( @erikschubach ) from @kleffnotes

Eve Kane has been the troll of the Roebling Bridge for roughly two years now, but she is unlike any troll that has ever guarded. As the years have passed her skills have continued to grow and she can imbue herself with tremendous power from her bridge, even when she is not close to it. While her powers are growing attacks on all of the bridges and nexus points of the city have continued to be attacked and in The Bridge: Traitor there is a new and dangerous enemy working to distract and destroy the life of the merciful troll.

In the second book in The Bridge series, Eve and her lover, Sharee, find themselves contending with a mystery that confounds everyone. While Eve was on her bridge, another troll was murdered and while Sharee and those who care for Eve believe she could never do such a thing there are fae and humans who insist she was there. Someone appears to have taken Eve Kane’s face and is using this stolen identity to sew destruction and devastation to the city. As The Custodian, Sharee, is tasked with bringing in Eve for questioning, though there are those who are urging for the ultimate punishment, but she also is desperate to clear the woman she loves name. Eve is also trying to figure out who is pretending to be here, but all of her investigating has left her apart from her bridge and her continued manifestations are wearing on her.

The mystery and drama in this novel are well done and will keep you guessing as to just what is going on with this Evil Eve. Eve Kane is such a strong and powerful character, but she also shows mercy toward those who go against her and feels a tremendous amount of love for her friends and chosen family. The Bridge: Traitor further shows Eve and Sharee’s growing relationship, as well as their dedication to the fae and protecting those they see as their people. This series is a great urban fantasy read and I strongly recommend it for anyone looking to get caught up in the world of secret fae. You can find The Bridge: Traitor and the rest of the series for sale now.

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