Techromancy Scrolls: Soras Book Review ( @erikschubach ) from @kleffnotes

The world of the Techromancy Scrolls series blends magic, technology, and a medieval world of old. The second book in this series, Soras, brings us the return of Laney and Celeste in a whole different way. While training Laney has a vision of Alexandru of the Lupei being chased. She knows he is nearby and mounts a rapid rescue plan. When the knights arrive they learn that Mother Udele has been captured, which means Celeste and Laney must return to the Lupei immediately.

In the first novel in the series Laney and Celeste became blood bound to the Lupei as Soras and with the kidnapping of Mother Udele, this means that they are the leaders of the family. While they are prepared to mount a rescue mission, they must first take on the role of princesses and become diplomats for the war council. This decision leads them to not only become temporarily in charge of the Lupei, but Laney must find her voice and further take on authority, which she never thought she could control. Her only desire is to rescue Mother Udele and with her powers rising and visions fueling her plans Laney finds herself the leader of a dangerous mission against terrible foes.

Techromancy Scrolls: Soras focuses on Laney’s ever growing strength, not only as an adept and knight, but as a leader. She has never seen herself as an authority and often feels weaker than those around her, but in this story she frequently must act alone and take on the strength of a ruler. I love Laney’s kind spirit and the love she has for so many people, which is matched by the love Celeste has for her and the way that those around her care so deeply for her. This series has been a delight to read and creates a world that will keep you on your toes throughout ever battle. You can find Techromancy Scrolls: Soras, and the rest of the series, on sale now.

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