Emily Monroe Is Not The Chosen One: Night Shift Book Review ( @erikschubach ) from @kleffnotes

Emily Monroe is your mostly average twenty-six year old, well except for her slightly powered ability to change her eye color and the color of her nails. Now this sort of power should keep her relatively safe from an onslaught of super villains, but the problem is Emily happens to look just like a mega super powered hero named The Chosen One. This means that even when she is just trying to flip burgers at her crappy night shift job she can’t seem to get away from annoying villains trying to ruin her day.

Emily Monroe Is Not The Chosen One: Night Shift introduces readers to the grown up orphan, Emily Monroe, who was left at an orphanage as a child and named after a strange metal tag that was found with her. That and the famous Marilyn Monroe, since the folks running the place thought Doe and Smith were played out last names. For years she has been dealing with super villains showing up and ruining her day just because they can’t tell her and The Chosen One apart. It turns out not even other heroes can tell them apart, which leads to an interesting encounter with one of Emily’s favorite heroes, Photon. As this short book evolves more heroes and villains are revealed and Emily finds herself learning way more about the supers of her city than she ever expected.

This book was so much fun to read and at roughly 45 pages it is a quick and breezy little moment. I would love to see this adapted into a comic book, but as a standard book it is still delightful. Emily is cocky and doesn’t care what people think, she also definitely enjoys mocking one of the agents who keeps having to interview her. While she is dealing with the crappy issue of looking like a hero, she finds moments that are full of happiness and fun, which just made me smile. Emily Monroe Is Not The Chosen One: Night Shift is the perfect read for fans of superheroes and you should definitely check it out. You can find Emily Monroe Is Not The Chosen One: Night Shift on sale now.

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