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Nice Try, Afton is the third book in the Afton Morrison series and picks up right after Afton has been released on bail. She has been charged with a murder she didn’t commit, though she does have one unplanned murder under her belt at this point. While she needs to prove Clara is the person behind many of these crimes, as well as Ray, Afton has other plans for the dangerous duo.

In the first chapter Afton and Ray set up a clandestine meeting late at night where she gives him an ultimatum. Leave town with Clara and she won’t go after them, she’ll even take the fall for the murder, if they will just leave the people she cares about alone. While Ray briefly seems to consider this plan, Clara has her own ideas about what to do with Afton and beyond setting fire to practically anything and everything in sight, she decides to take matters into her own hands. While her brother, Chris, his girlfriend, Tia, and Afton’s interesting friend and journalist, Jared, want to help her, things are often far more dangerous than they can even imagine. As Afton does what she can to protect them she will have deal with her continuing dark urges and the sister she only just found out she has.

Nice Try, Afton is perhaps the darkest of the books in the series so far. Clara is given a great deal more space in the book and is used to commit a variety of crimes, many of which hit very close to home for Afton. Beyond showing how dark her urges are, Ray is revealed to be even more sinister than he previously appeared. Something about him as become even colder and terrifying within this addition to the series. Afton is also truly given the chance to follow her own path. While Animus is urging her to kill, she is finding out just how dangerous she can truly be. Nice Try, Afton is out today and if you have already been enjoying the series you need to order it right away.

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