The Peithosian Gift Book Review from @kleffnotes

In this fictionalized world there are two clans of people who are able to control the minds of anyone they choose, but when one clan believes that they must control the other a terrible dispute is born that will continue on for centuries. The Peithosian Gift focuses on the Kanes and the Morgans, who are two similar clans who have decided to use their gifts in completely different ways. While the Kanes believe in keeping their gifts to themselves, the Morgans believe that they should use the power that they have. For centuries the Kanes have sought out and destroyed the Morgans, but in the present they have finally come to a sort of agreement, which they may not be able to keep.

The Peithosian Gift is told through a variety of points of view spread over a complex timeline that isn’t entirely chronological. While certain events are explained in their connection chronologically to the greater plot, a great deal of the story moves between a future point and a present, which very sneakily keep the reader on their toes. We are initially introduced to the Morgans and the Kanes at the start of their feud and then jump to a point in which a Kane is hiding the birth of his child, who has parent from both clans. In the present we are introduced to a plethora of Kanes and Morgans and their relationships to each other are explained through their connections politically. At this point there is a maintained peace in which the Morgans has a representative that reports to the head of the Kane clan, but the Morgans refuse to stay in subjugation. There are attacks, secrete plots, and assassinations that impact both sides, even though they appear to be partially at piece. Within all of this a child with exceptional powers is introduced named Radha and she will change everything that the clans believed possible.

This narratives is a complex read, but well worth the dedication you will need to give it. The references to time are crucial and when a chapter points out exactly when the events are taking place you need to make note of it. Cristina Archer maintains a high level of suspense by moving her readers through timelines in a way that keeps you from completely knowing exactly when everything his happening. Her character work is also very interesting and her connection of the clans and focus on growing the mythology and lineage that combines them is impressive. The Peithosian Gift is the perfect read for anyone who appreciates both high and urban fantasy and I could also see it speaking to readers who enjoy supernatural thrillers. You can find The Peithosian Gift on sale now.

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