Flipping the Script Book Review from @kleffnotes

A.J. Gibson shares his own journey back from rock bottom in his book Flipping the Script: Bouncing Back from Life’s Rock Bottom Moments. He dives deep into his own life and is willing to share everything that has led him to have to find a way to cope and rewrite his own story. Flipping the Script is more than just an autobiography, but a tool to help you become your best self.

This book uses the element of scripts throughout to share with readers not only Gibson’s story, but how they can change their own journey for the better. He opens each chapter with a scene, presented as though it were from a script. Then at the end of each chapter he provides another script like piece. For the first three chapters these elements focus primarily on brainstorming, but later in the book he provides direction and suggestions for doing something that will help you to grow and learn. These include purchasing thank you cards for someone, reaching out by phone to someone, or giving yourself time to think through something. What this does is allow you to connect with his life’s journey and see how you can also change your own life in a positive way.

Gibson goes through his entire life sharing the highs and the lows that he experienced within the pages of Flipping the Script. His introduction shows you the lowest moment in his life, but while sharing such deep and personal moments he retains a spirit of levity. As someone who has presented and been on stage and in front of crowds, Gibson’s desire to connect and relate with his audience is ever present. While this is a written work and not a physical performance his showmanship reads through in the way he chooses his language and the stories he has chosen to tell. Though he is a humorous narrator, there are elements of deep sadness and emotional turmoil. As of the writing of the book he is still struggling to truly find ways to cope with certain moments in his life, primarily a discussion with his sister concerning his sexuality. While it has not been easy, there are happy moments and though there may not be full acceptance he does make sure to highlight the moments in which his family has supported him. This is a touching work that also wants to help you become a better person by the end. You can find Flipping the Script on sale now.

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