Beauty In The Beast Book Review ( @erikschubach )from @kleffnotes

The Avatars and their companions are back in the eighth installment of the Urban Fantasies series from Erik Schubach. Still recovering from the devastation of their last battle, the powerful women who are fighting against demonic energies and werewolves find themselves surprised when a new sort of beast appears. As they prepare to fight, what appears to be some sort of new demon, they are stopped by a beautiful young woman with a mysterious power that seems connected to one of their own.

Beauty In The Beast is a completely new reworking of the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast. In this version Schubach has worked to tie Belle into the larger world of his Avatars by having her be of Locksley, where the recently introduced Robyn is from. She knew Robyn and had been on a quest to find her and return a feather from Perchta herself to her. While on her journey she met those mysterious and frustrating men, The Brothers Grimm. In that moment she learns that she has taken on a power that may be of a benefit to someone else, the sister of the evil brothers who brought the werewolf curse down upon the world. After being killed Illiya was trapped in Hell and was attached to by a bloodthirsty demon, but while she becomes a monstrous beast, there is something that happens when Belle is around her that changes her existence.

This installment has the most Grimm Brothers in it out of the entire series and Belle spends a great deal of time within her backstory dealing with them. They frequently visit her and actually have the greatest had in influencing what happens to her and Illiya. With this final battle looming the Brothers warn that there can never be a balance, or at least they cannot see a way for their to be a balance and things must shift. The ending elements of this story are intense and there are major reveals and events that will definitely take you by surprise. There is also a very fun tease in the final sentence of the book, which has me very excited for the next book. As always Schubach has created characters that, while full of power, are also very easy to connect to and the women in these books are some of my favorites to read. You can find Beauty In The Beast on sale now.

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