A Dirty Word Book Review ( @cleispress ) from @kleffnotes

A Dirty Word: How a Sex Writer Reclaimed Her Sexuality is a memoir style nonfiction work that focuses on author Steph Auteri’s own life and connection to sex and her own sexuality. She has been a sex writer for 15 years and through this no holds barred work she reveals tremendous details about her life and the path she has taken to become more confident in who she is. This book is full of personal narratives, but also uses a great deal of research to back up certain discussions and provide details for her readers concerning certain topics.

This book is very definitely created with a female reader in mind. Auteri delves deep into her past and examines all of the elements that have influenced her own personal connection to sex. She beings by discussing a partner who had led her to not feel comfortable having sex and how this moment led to further issues going forward. She balances this story by including it in her discussion of her internship, where she first began writing about sex when she was still in college. The openness of her writing makes this book feel like a personal chat with a close friend, which makes the material easy to relate to.

In discussing some of her own issues in connection to sex and sexuality, Auteri delves into some very serious topics including rape and sexual violence. Within these discussions she also examines the culture that leads women to believe certain things about how they should behave in regards to sex. Within these portions of A Dirty Word she provides detailed research points about the divide that can happen between male and female libidinal urges, which can cause issues within a relationship. She also discusses how women may feel pressured to please a man over themselves within a relationship. Overall the book focuses on maintaining an attitude of openness and understanding in regards to sex. Auteri is arguing that there is no one way to be sexual and that while you and your partner may differ that this does not mean there is anything you should feel ashamed about in connection to your sexuality. You can find A Dirty Word: How a Sex Writer Reclaimed Her Sexuality on sale now.

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